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Hi guys, and welcome to Real Men Lifestyle.



“What is Real Men Lifestyle (RML) about anyway?”   lifestyle


Well,  our aim is to help men find strength, purpose, and happiness in the confusing climate that is our world today.   There’s much conflicting information out there on how to foster these qualities in one’s life, but we’re all about distilling the useful from the useless, and sharing that with you through our different mediums to enable the most positive change in your life.



“What do you offer here at RML?”


Good question.  First, I recommend checking out our blog first, as there are many articles on there about how to live a powerful, authentic, directed, and masculine life. Oh, and it’s constantly being updated too. Check out the blog here:  RML Blog

Then, you can check out the RML forum, post up your story there, where you’re at on your journey, get advice from other guys who are focused on a powerful and authentic path through life, amongst other topics. Check out the forum here:  RML Forum

“That’s cool, but do you offer anything else?”


Why yes! We are currently offering a FREE one hour personal coaching session (yes you read that right, FREE) for guys who are struggling to get through perceived obstacles in their life, and who could use a coach to help them utilize tools and develop plans of action to expand their comfort zone and push themselves to new levels of masculine growth and freedom.   Consider getting coaching if you would like:


  • Someone to help you realize the core issues that are holding you back in your life
  • To help you utilize specific tools and plans of action that transform the core barrier holding you back in EVERY area of your life
  • Someone to hold you accountable as you go through these processes of action to effect positive change in your life
  • And someone to help provide clarity when you get stuck and recycle you through the steps as you continue to grow and expand your comfort zone


If you’re interested in getting this limited time offer then get your free personal coaching session here:

Get your free coaching session


That’s pretty much it for now, but much else is currently in the works, including a full site redesign which I’m partially through now!   Also, if you’d like to join our mailing list to stay updated on all the latest happenings at RML, then you do that with the opt-in box below.


Welcome to Real Men Lifestyle.

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