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Gathering with Real Friends

Some of the greatest memories I have are of times gathering with close friends to share exceptional food (most of the time), a few glasses of wine (or bottles) and our own life experiences (happy or sad). As I get older I cherish these times more and more.

Over the past decade that we have been married my wife and I have lived in or traveled to many cities. We have made life-long friendships in most of those cities. Whether at a neighborhood barbecue, a birthday celebration or an evening at a fine dining establishment those friendships grew and matured with every meal shared.

Of all the wonderful restaurants that my wife and I have indulged in with friends we both agree, hands down, Andina Restaurant in Portland, Oregon is the best restaurant we have dined at. One time we ate lunch and dinner there on the same day. If you like unique martinis, we highly suggest trying a SACSAYHUAMÁN (pronounced 'sexy woman').

What is one very special evening sharing food, drink and experiences with friends that comes to mind for you?

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